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How Much Medical Waste Did Hospitals Create in 2022?

Here are some reasons you should have a partner to manage medical waste. Read more...

4 Facts You Should Know About Medical Waste Disposal

If you are responsible for medical waste disposal in your facility, it’s extremely important to be aware of the different types. Read more...

3 Qualities to Look for in a Medical Waste Management Company

Are you looking for a reliable medical waste management company? You don't want to trust just anyone with this task. Here are three qualities to consider. Read More...

How Should I Prepare Medical Waste for Pickup?

It's crucial for every hospital to stick to the correct medical waste disposal processes. Here's how you can prepare for medical waste disposal. Read More...

What Does it Mean to Have 100% Compliance and Certification?

Did you know that all medical waste pickup companies are required to comply with certain regulations? Read more here about the most important ones

What Happens to Medical Waste When it Leaves My Facility?

medical waste disposal

Do you run a facility that generates medical waste? According to Enviromerica, anything that contains bodily fluids or tissues is classified as medical waste. It's important to ensure that this kind of waste is disposed of properly. Read more here.

What Is the Future of the Radioactive Medical Waste Market?

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 85% of total healthcare waste is general, non-hazardous garbage comparable to domestic rubbish. This is significantly lower when compared to the level of waste generated by domestic activities. READ MORE...

How To Hire the Best Medical Waste Pickup Companies

Hospitals produce a lot of waste. According to Practice Greenhealth, hospitals produce more than 5 million tons of waste yearly. The best way to deal with this waste as a hospital is to hire a medical waste pickup company. READ MORE...

A History of Medical Waste Management in the U.S.

We haven't always trusted our health care providers to dispose of waste safely and efficiently. Learn more about how medical waste disposal has evolved. READ MORE...

What is Biohazard Red Bag Waste?

Waste is something that we all make and for those in medical facilities and other facilities that create what is considered to be hazardous waste, special disposal is needed. READ MORE...



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